Swimming Pool & Spa (Hot Tub) Program

The mission of the swimming pool and spa program is to reduce the incidence of accidents or illnesses related to public swimming pools and hot tubs through education and enforcement of safe practices. This is accomplished through conducting inspections of public swimming pools and spas, providing education to operators and investigating complaints.

Swimming Poll & Spa Information

Swimming Pools & Spas

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

First, complete the plan review application and submit it to Montana Department of Public Health for Review. Once the plans are approved, you will need to contact Flathead County Health Department to conduct a licensing inspection.

Swimming pools and spas that are open all year are inspected twice annually while those that are only open seasonally are inspected once each year.

Expect to answer questions about the facility and its operation. Licensing inspections are mostly about the physical facility. No problems should arise as long as you adhered to the approved plans. The inspector will review some operational expectations, future inspections as well as annual license renewal. Assuming the inspection goes well, a license application will be completed and mailed to the State accompanied by your first year’s license fee. You will need a check or money order to pay this fee. More details about what to expect on a preopening/licensing inspection are available on our preoperational inspection checklist.

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