Land Research Request

A few notes on policy

Due to the increased demand for information requests, we require that everyone requesting information and or research fill out a land research request form. We will process these requests in the order received, and will respond to you within a few weeks. Please be as clear and detailed as possible with what you want to do on your property so that we may best answer your questions. Multiple inquiries will be treated as multiple requests, and will require their own request form.

Are you a prospective buyer or Real-Estate Agent? We kindly ask that only the owner or listing agent for property submit for land research requests. This ensures efficiency in the process so that we are not researching the same property multiple times. Please use the owner or listing agent as your point of contact.

Are you an engineer or consultant seeking documents on a property? Please call our office to schedule an appointment to use our self-service kiosk.

In a hurry?

You may be able to locate a lot of information about your property instantaneously using the following links: