Licensed Installers & Self Installers

All septic installers must be licensed through the County. This license is obtained by passing a written company test. The fee for this test is $120 and must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. A yearly $65 renewal fee is required to maintain this license.

The licensed installer test covers everything on the study guide for the self-installer test, plus information from the county regulations and construction standards.

Study Guide for Self Installers

Those homeowners who wish to install their own septic system may do so as long as they are able to pass a written competency test. The fee for this test is $100 and must be scheduled at least 48 Hours in advance.

Study Guide for Self Installers

Please Note

  • Septic systems must be installed exactly as described on the septic permit; any desired changes must be approved by the department prior to installation and final inspection.
  • The Self-Installer or Licensed-Installer must be present at the time of the final inspection. Additionally, if the system is engineered, the engineer must also be present and will be responsible for producing final as-built drawings.
  • Installers ready to schedule a septic final inspection: Please call our office at (406) 751- 8130 to speak with the front desk.

Licensure Fees

Licensure Fee Fee Amount
New Contractor/Designer Licensure $120
Contractor/Design Licensure Renewal (annual) $65
Self Installer Licensure (valid for 1 year) $100

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